Barrier-free showering without a care
Start your day with a feeling of freedom and ease. This is possible with a refreshing shower in a barrier-free space from I-DRAIN.
With the I-DRAIN from Group Nivelles drain channels you can create a barrier-free shower as an extension to your bathroom floor. A design solution, highly suitable for renovations and new buildings, simple to install, guaranteed waterproof and easy to maintain.
A leading brand in flow technology

I-DRAIN® is one of the leading brands in the area of flow technology. It brings onto the market smart and durable drainage solutions for the modern bathroom.

I-DRAIN for the future

We are now delighted to present to you our new I-DRAIN® products. As of today, the I-DRAIN® will never be the same. Benefit from greater drainage capacity, reduced maintenance and even simpler installation.

I-DRAIN® offers you ingenious and innovative shower drains that take care of the water drainage of your shower area in a professional and elegant manner.

  • With an installation height from 54 mm upwards for its Linear Drains, I-DRAIN® is able to achieve the lowest possible installation height. This height is suitable for both renovations and new buildings.
  • The grating of the I-DRAIN® can be adjusted in a smart fashion to the tile height and is fitted with a tile frame that ensures a perfect and safe mounting of your tiles.
  • The I-DRAIN® products are suitable for tiles of all sizes and the slope only has to be installed in one direction. Thanks to the detachable siphon with stainer you can clean your drain in no time.
  • The I-DRAIN® is a high-tech and low maintenance shower product especially designed for professionals.


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