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With the current drive to recycle and dispose of food waste in an environmentally friendly way, food waste disposer units are fast becoming popular kitchen appliances.

The EcoSink range is suitable for domestic households and apartments, as well as light commercial environments such as pubs, cafes, small restaurants, offices, and boutique hotels.

Fit an EcoSink food waste disposer under your kitchen sink and flush all your food waste worries away! Just put food waste such as chicken bones, fish bones, fruit rinds, used tea bags and coffee straight into the EcoSink, and run the cold tap for a few seconds during operation. The waste will be virtually liquefied to flow into the mains sewage system or septic tank.


EcoSink – the fastest waste disposal unit in the UK

Eco-friendly – Uses less water and energy than other waste disposal units, so it’s more environmentally friendly.

Eco-fast – Powerful motor operates more than 3x faster than other waste disposal units and pulverises even tough food waste within seconds.

EcoSink – Bladeless, so there is no risk of jamming or clogging your drains.


8 Reasons to choose EcoSink

  1. Patented sliding hammer on a ‘bladeless’ turntable design that grinds your food waste using less water and energy
  2. Reliable permanent magnet motor producing powerful starting torque and speeds around 5,500rpm
  3. Corrosion – resistant grinding chamber so it won’t rust
  4. Continuous feed operation so you don’t have to waste time
  5. Air switch (fitted on models Eco3-5) for use with wet hands
  6. Manual reset after safety cut-out
  7. 5 year warranty for domestic users
  8. Quality product, competitively priced and easy to install by a professional plumber


What can I dispose of in my EcoSink?

Your EcoSink can grind food waste including:

  • Vegetable peelings
  • Food leftovers
  • Tea bags
  • Eggshells
  • Chicken and fish bones
  • Fruit skins
  • Crusts
  • Corn on the cob husks
  • Chopped melon rinds
  • Chopped grapefruit skins


How does EcoSink work?

Patented technology

  • Option to connect to dishwasher and save water
  • Heavy duty motor for greater speed and faster grinding time
  • Multi-stage grinding chamber to pulverise food waste within seconds
  • Sound shell system (models Eco 2 to Eco 5) for ultra quiet running
  • Built in overload protection and reset button

Tech spec

  • Permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor developed and manufactured solely by Homelektro Ltd
  • Runs between 5000 and 6000 rpm with high torque
  • Patented sliding hammer on the rotating grinding place for initial ‘mashing’ of food waste
  • Stationary grinding ring on perimeter further disintegrates food waste through centrifugal force
  • Stainless steel components for increased durability and corrosion-resistance
  • Fits standard sink waste outlets of 90mm thick
  • Continuous feed, so you can add food continually during the grind process
  • Easy to install by a professional plumber (and a certified electrician if you want to hardwire the unit or install an additional socket for it)


Which EcoSink model should I choose?

Eco 1 – Fitted with a half horsepower motor spinning at around 5,500 rpm, even the smallest of our waste disposal units grinds food waste efficiently and effectively.

Eco 2 – Suitable if your household operates 1-2 people. This half horsepower model has the same spec as the Eco 1 but with a fully insulated sound shell to make it even quieter.

Eco 3 – Our best selling half horsepower domestic waste disposer also has ultra quiet running plus an air switch so it’s safe to use with wet hands, even on a granite worktop

Eco 4 – All the benefits of the smaller models, but with a three-quarter horsepower motor to suit larger households of 6 or more people

Eco 5 – With it’s powerful 1 horsepower motor, this model is idea for commercial settings such as cafes, small restaurants, boutique hotels, care homes and offices (3 year warranty for commercial users)


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